It is amazing waking up in the morning and having that kind of energy that pushes us to create, to help, to go out there and do our duty. In my personal experience I learned that too much of that feeling does not allow you to understand when it is time to step back, to slow down and taking care of yourself.

In the Zen tradition they say that there are only 2 things: you sit and you sweep the garden. And not matter how big your garden is, you sit, you quiet your mind, you dive into your heart, you learn how to center yourself and stay in touch with those qualities of love and compassion that are inside us. Those are our birth gift, and you extend it in the garden of the world. And even if you cannot take care of the whole garden, you pick up your personal lot to plant your seeds in it. And there is an endless list of lot in that garden to take care of: maybe serving your community in a better way, maybe taking care of your own family and kids, maybe put the best of yourself in your own business, maybe fighting some kind of injustice you see around yourself. You need to find what is important to you and tending that lot with those qualities you develop and are in touch with when you sit.

So, we need to calibrate between site and sweeping the garden better tending it. And when we sit and we touch our deepest layer within ourself, we use our body to constantly transcend its physical limits and empower our boundless self. In that moment we can alter traditional modalities that may be wrong: the way we eat, the way we think, the way we act and react, the way we work, the way we love.

The sitting moment is a thought-provoking moment, the moment when we calibrate our body-mind system to awaken the seeds of transformation inside ourself. It kindles the understanding of our identities and the mistake we do when we identify our self with them. And it pushes as to stay in touch with that Boundless Self that is all that we are: an endless streaming of pure consciousness.

Sasy, F.R.Y. Director

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