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Individual First Responders

We heard you!

Three key issues we heard during our interviews with First Responders, Dispatch and
your management:

 No time for self-care.

Timing of public classes do not fit with erratic shifts.

No one source for relaxation, meditation, movement and mind-quieting techniques, nor specific to First responders’ needs.

With F.R.Y. The APP the tools are available for you ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, when needed, at a push of a button.

Join us for breathwork, trauma-informed functional yoga movement, lifestyle, meditation and positive affirmation techniques, designed for First Responders by First Responders, tailored to your needs.

Join a F.R.Y. The Method Class, available through the F.R.Y. The App, or follow the “How to” videos on your time!

F.R.Y. The APP

Available for Android and Apple


First Responders’ Yoga. The Book

Absolutely NO yoga experience is required. The information will be of interest to the beginner yoga practitioner and the experienced. We hope you too see the value of this course for First Responders. We are available to answer any further questions you may have.


F.R.Y. offers group and employer discounts, sessions, workshops and talks

See the Pricing Page for more info!

Our App will be Launched Soon

Our App will be Launched Soon

Are you a First Responder interested in becoming a yoga teacher and leading the
F.R.Y.™ The Method classes to your colleagues?
Please CONTACT US to learn the process.

Are you a yoga teacher? Interested in licensing and teaching the F.R.Y.™ The Method
in your city?

We will also be hiring more educators to train and lead our specialized workshops.
We look forward to hearing from you.

To create a supportive community for First Responders and to share F.R.Y. The Method, an
equilibrium practice for a better life movement

To bring in one place, virtually and in person, a tool box for First Responders mind-body
wellness that compiles breathwork, trauma-informed functional yoga movement, meditation,
lifestyle and positive affirmation techniques all in one place, designed for First Responders by
First Responders, tailored to their needs.