Podcast with Lyfe Boost

Our Director Sasy has been interviewed by Rian Barrieau the Founder of Lyfe Boost. Below the link to the podcast.

We need more people who have the will to spread the path of awareness and gentleness. We always have choice in our life, ultimately the two things that you are always free to do, despite your circumstances, are to be present and to be willing to love, for our wellness and for the benefits of the others. Thank you Rian, we need visionary people like you.


The cue-routine-reward loop

Have you ever heard about the cue-routine-reward loop?

First, there is a trigger that activates your basal ganglia (a group of clusters of neurons in the brain located deep beneath the cerebral cortex) pushing you into an automatic mode. It is called the “cue”.

Second there is the “routine”, which can be physical,mental or emotional. It is a repetitive action performed unconsciously.

Third there is a “reward”, which helps your brain to label this particular loop cue-routine-reward as “worth-remembering”. Over time, this loop is enhanced by a sense of craving; you do your routine knowing that it will give you a reward.

So if you want to be healthy, nourish your mind with healthy thoughts, be strong in your body and mind then choose a positive “cue”, such eating well, meditating, doing yoga or doing breath-work as a first thing in the morning. Then after reward yourself with some healthy and tasty food (F.R.Y. The APP has dedicated sections for mindset and recipes by the way).

Allow yourself to anticipate the reward by thinking about the physical rush and mind benefits you will receive from it. Crave that positive reward as it will make it easier to push through your practice and your new healthy routine.

Fear of failure.

I did not enjoy failing, and that dislike put an eclipse on my motivation to succeed. 

False self-confidence, over-personalization and a damaged mindset due to some painful parenthood experiences have sabotaged some aspect of my life. I dedicated it to my love-relationship and when that relationship felt apart I felt apart either.

My identity was unconsciously intertwined with my Police badge and my gun and my inner self – maybe my ego – rejected that condition. What a contradiction. I was completely off-the-grid and not aligned with the everyday environment around me.

When love relationship and what I planned didn’t go as I expected, I shut down, my body collapsed and mind went all over the place.

Fear is part of our human nature and I faced it many times in my life. Today I am starting a new chapter of my career in a Country that is not mine, with a new project that is requiring a lot. Do I have fear? Yes I do, but it is not the same fear as in the past. It is not sabotaging anything. It transformed in a boost for the motivation to succeed, the same motivation that was eclipsed by the fear of failing.

Transforming is the key. Nothing stay the same: we change, our mind change, our body change, situations and relationship change. If you are able to catch the deep meaning of this ever changing aspect of your live, you are successful as no fear will take place and no attachment will take place. 

Be foolish, be hungry said Steve Jobs. I agree. I add “be love”.


Thank you for your service.

A very thought-provoking reflection on the service of our First Responders: what might lead a person not to say “Thank you for your service” when he sees a Police Officer, a Firefighters or a Paramedic?

I have to say that I felt hyperconscious for my job as a Police Detective, as I always had to be on my best behavior offering my best availability even off duty. I ended up to be constantly alert and aware of my actions. That became a kind of extra stressor to add to the ones my duty normally brought into my life. 

And I felt great to be thanked when I was on active duty. It was great to me receiving that acknowledgment and it made me feel proud of what I was doing, even if I faced up so many difficulties and challenges during my services in the crime and narcotics field. Yes, to be thanked by someone who I didn’t know was a reward to me, an extra bonus to go through the rest of my long day smoothly. I felt honored to serve. And the job-related stressors in that moment faded away, just with a simple “Thank you for your service”.

Please when you cross a Police Officer, a Firefighter or a Paramedic simply say “Thank you for your service”. Do not hesitate, do not allow something to hold you back to thank him. Those few words are like medicine for all front liners, more than the pay-check believe me. 

I will do the same: Thank you for your service!