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Podcast with Lyfe Boost

Our Director Sasy has been interviewed by Rian Barrieau the Founder of Lyfe Boost. Below the link to the podcast ...
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The cue-routine-reward loop

Have you ever heard about the cue-routine-reward loop? First, there is a trigger that activates your basal ganglia (a group ...
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Fear of failure.

I did not enjoy failing, and that dislike put an eclipse on my motivation to succeed. False self-confidence, over-personalization and ...
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Thank you for your service.

A very thought-provoking reflection on the service of our First Responders: what might lead a person not to say “Thank ...
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Are you a First Responder interested in becoming a yoga teacher and leading the
F.R.Y.™ The Method classes to your colleagues?
Please CONTACT US to learn the process.

Are you a yoga teacher? Interested in licensing and teaching the F.R.Y.™ The Method
in your city?

We will also be hiring more educators to train and lead our specialized workshops.
We look forward to hearing from you.

To create a supportive community for First Responders and to share F.R.Y. The Method, an
equilibrium practice for a better life movement

To bring in one place, virtually and in person, a tool box for First Responders mind-body
wellness that compiles breathwork, trauma-informed functional yoga movement, meditation,
lifestyle and positive affirmation techniques all in one place, designed for First Responders by
First Responders, tailored to their needs.