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A Toolbox for First Responder Mind-Body Wellness

Available ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, when needed.
Mindfulness, Relaxation, Positive Affirmation, Meditation, Trauma-Informed Movement, Breathwork


F.R.Y. as seen on:

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Studies and our interviews show that First Responders experience:


More physical injuries

HIGH anxiety and inability to relax or “let go”


Develop conditions such as depression and PTSD

It is important to note that these statistics are from BEFORE the past Pandemic Year

F.R.Y. is a toolbox for First Responder mind-body wellness, that compiles breathwork, trauma-informed functional yoga movement (both energetic and passive), meditation, lifestyle and positive affirmation techniques all in one place, designed for First Responders by First Responders, tailored to their needs.

F.R.Y. The Method is delivered through

1. F.R.Y. The APP, making the tools available anytime, anywhere, when needed, at a push of a button. We all know First Responders always have their phones on them, right?



2. Live virtual / in person (where available) F.R.Y. The Method sessions for First Responder workplaces, leading the group through all 5 important elements of the F.R.Y. Method: breathwork, movement, relaxation, positive affirmation and meditation.

3. Intensive Employer-Sponsored 20hr Workshops for your place of work that provides background instruction in F.R.Y. The Method elements and why they are important for First Responders

4. F.R.Y.’s Self-Help book F.R.Y. First Responders’ Yoga. The Book, is the culmination of interviews with First Responders, literature reviews and studies related to injuries of First Responders, fitness training, yoga education all merged with personal practices and experience as First Responder.

The App is the virtual representation of F.R.Y. The Method.